Surrogate Compensation

Surrogate Compensation 

Compensation is never really the main priority when someone takes the plunge to become a surrogate. Surrogates go through a lot of hardships from conception until they give birth. Undoubtedly, becoming a surrogate mother is truly laborious, both physically and mentally.

Many people understand that surrogacy is not just about getting paid. This doesn’t mean that surrogates should not be fully compensated for all the hard work they put in.

Surrogate Compensation: Charges for Service

Surrogacy expenses vary as it is highly dependent on the charges made by agencies. The expenses for intended moms and dads typically operate upwards of around $500, legal costs on the other hand, get to $15,000. These charges don’t go straight to the surrogate mother since it acts as a financial security blanket for the surrogate and the intended parents.

Surrogate Compensation: Surrogate Cost

A surrogate’s job is comparable to someone with an all day work. Therefore, intended parents generally compensate a surrogate mother with a cash fee, which is already determined in the contract prior to pregnancy, together with payment for various other expenses and also clinical costs. Usually, a first time surrogate earns between $25,000 to $35,000, while a surrogate with experience payout is much higher.

Surrogate Compensation: Additional Costs

As explained above, a surrogate mom’s clinical costs is already paid off for by the intended moms and dads, which consists of ob-gyn appointments as well as any kind of added medical treatment required for the surrogate’s best interests. Unlikely situations that will affect a surrogate’s well being are also covered in escrow. An example would be if a surrogate is thrown out from her home. A fund will be in place to maintain her living safety and whatever is unused from this fund will be given back to the intended parents.