If you’re considering surrogacy, Houston is one of the best possible cities in which to pursue it.  Surrogacy and real estate have one thing in common: success greatly depends on location, location, location. Because the nature of surrogacy is complicated, and because the unknown aspects are many, choosing the right city in which to undergo a surrogacy journey is a critical first step towards a successful surrogacy outcome.

Surrogacy Houston

Beginning a surrogacy journey in the wrong state can spell disaster for everyone involved due to the legal ramifications of being in a state which will not enforce an otherwise legal surrogacy agreement. Unlike the majority of U.S. states, which do not recognize surrogacy, Houston is located in the state of Texas, which happens to legally permit the use of a gestational surrogate.  Therefore, for both the intended parents and gestational surrogate who choose to participate in surrogacy, Houston is an ideal city in which to do so.

Although the laws do permit surrogacy, Houston, and the entire state of Texas, does have to adhere to certain restrictions.  In order for a gestational agreement to be enforceable, it and the participants must abide by the following rules:

-The child in question cannot be conceived by means of sexual intercourse.

-The gestational surrogate agreement must be signed by all involved parties at least fourteen days prior to the embryo transfer.

-All parties must understand the procedure and potential risks as explained by the physician who will perform the procedure.

-The eggs used to create the embryo which the gestational surrogate will carry cannot be provided by the gestational surrogate and must come from either the intended mother or an egg donor.

-The intended parents must be married to each other.

-The gestational mother and her spouse (if applicable) must agree to relinquish all rights to the child.

Although it may seem as though there are myriad steps a completing a successful surrogacy, Houston, and the entire state of Texas, make it much easier on the involved parties simply because of the enforceability of legal gestational surrogate agreements.

Your Next Step

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