Houston surrogate agency is here to help gestational surrogate and intended parents through their surrogacy experience. Learn more about why surrogates should always use a surrogate agency.

Houston Surrogacy Agency

Gestational surrogates benefit from working with Houston, Texas surrogate agency for a number of reasons. The biggest, and most important reason is because the surrogate agency works with the surrogate in communicating with the intended parents. During the surrogacy process, intended parents usually feel very tense, whether they are waiting for their surrogate’s test results to come back, to waiting for the pregnancy test results, to monitoring the pregnancy as it develops. It’s only natural that the intended parents will have numerous questions and concerns along the way. To help mitigate the surrogate being bothered with this, the surrogate agency can provide regular updates to the intended parents, so that they stay informed and have peace of mind throughout the process.

The surrogate agency also handles the legal matters with the surrogate. They will introduce her to reproductive attorneys, give her advice on what she should be sure to include or exclude from her surrogacy contract and act as a sounding board for any questions that the surrogate has regarding requests that the intended parents may make.

Medical issues will also be addressed by the surrogate agency. While the doctor’s office will be the primary source of medical information, the surrogate agency is capable of giving the surrogate an overview of what procedures will happen and on what schedule she should expect them to occur. The surrogate agency can also act as a liaison with the doctor’s office, handling things like scheduling appointments and billing questions.

Houston surrogacy agency is a real ally for any gestational surrogate to have during the surrogacy process. Because it will be one of the most important things she will ever do in her life, any woman considering becoming a surrogate should heavily consider using a surrogate agency.

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